Papa Louie Night Hunt 3

Ratings: 2 (average 4.5 from 5)
Papa Louie Night Hunt 3
Played: 658
Papa Louie Night Hunt 3

Papa Louie Night Hunt 3 is a fun and exciting adventure game where you have to help Papa Louie collect coins and fight against the evil monsters that lurk in the night. In this game, you will face 15 new levels, just like in the previous two parts. That means you will have to complete 45 exciting levels in total. You can use the arrow keys to move Papa Louie and the Z and X keys to attack the enemies. You can also find hidden items and power-ups that will help you in your quest.

How to play?

Use pepper bombs and fist bumps to destroy all the enemies on your way. Collect as many gold coins as you can, which are scattered all over the place. Papa Louie will also need your help to deliver pizzas and other food to his restaurants in remote locations. Papa Louie Night Hunt 3 is the third installment of the popular Papa Louie Night Hunt series, which features Papa Louie’s adventures in different locations and scenarios. These games are pretty simple and repetitive, but if you love Papa Louie, you will have a blast playing them.

  • Arrows - use
  • X - pepper bomb
  • Z - enemy strike