Papa's Pizzeria Roblox

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Papa's Pizzeria Roblox
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Papa's Pizzeria Roblox

Welcome to Papa’s Pizzeria on Roblox, where the pizza is too good to be just food! In this thrilling adventure, you’re not just a customer, you’re the star of a chilling escape story. In this game, you’ll engage in extensive work, navigate through challenging jumps, and encounter a variety of monsters, including the notorious Scary Obby.

The notorious Papa Pizza has added a terrifying twist to his delicious pizzas… a secret ingredient that’s shockingly human! Trapped inside the eerie pizzeria, you must navigate through the doughy halls filled with jump scares and culinary horrors. With Papa Pizza himself on your heels, every slice becomes a fight for survival. Its pixelated graphics lend a contemporary feel reminiscent of Roblox.

  • Mouse - use
  • Arrows - Sprint
  • Space - jump
  • E – activate or take an item
  • Q – hide item
  • V – throw an object