Papa Louie Adventure In Village

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Papa Louie Adventure In Village
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Papa Louie Adventure In Village

Papa Louie Adventure In Village is a online game that belongs to the Papa Louie series, which features a chef who travels around the world and faces various(Onion, turnip, radish) food-themed enemies. In this game, Papa Louie has to explore a village that is overrun by evil food monsters and rescue his customers who are trapped there. The food is delicious, but dangerous ;) To pass each level, you need to reach the village house. Collect gold coins on your way.

How to Play?

On Papa Louie’s way, he will often encounter crates that block his path. He can smash them with a powerful kick or punch. Sometimes he will have to use trampolines to climb a hill or jump over a cliff. The screen will show you how many lives he has left. You will also see his other stats there.  The game is a platformer that involves jumping, running, and throwing pepper bombs at the enemies.

The game also has collectibles, such as coins, pizza slices, and keys, that can unlock new areas and rewards. The game has 15 levels and 3 bosses to defeat. Each level will be harder than the previous one.

  • Arrows - moves
  • Z - beat the enemy
  • X - throw a pepper shaker