Papa’s Wingeria

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Papa’s Wingeria
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Papa’s Wingeria

Papa's Wingeria is well known place where customers come and order fried food. Your job is to take an order, fry the chichen or fries with sauce the customer wants and to deliver it to the customer. Better you'll do your order, more tip you'll get. This captivating game invites  players from all over the world to immerse themselves in the world of wings and become the proud and financially secure proprietor of Papa's Wingeria.

In game, players are tasked with the thrilling challenge of running a lively restaurant specializing in mouthwatering chicken wings and delectable sides. Both rich and poor people come to your restaurant. You have a choice of 2 characters. Their names are Chuck and Mundy. The city in which this place is located is called Starlight City.

Success in the wing business means you can invest in various upgrades to enhance your restaurant. From improving kitchen equipment to decorating your cozy establishment and even expanding the menu to include delectable sides like crispy fries and delectable onion rings, these upgrades empower you to serve customers more efficiently and enhance their dining experience.

Can you still play Papa’s Wingeria without Flash Player(Adobe Flash Player)?

Yes, at you can play Papa’s Wingeria in your web browser Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and so on without Flash Player.

Who created Papa’s Wingeria?

Papa’s Wingeria was created by Flipline Studios on June 13, 2012, and was later emulated in HTML5 by WaFlash. The most delicious game from the series of Papas games where you will cook fried wings.

Game Features:

  • There are over 70 clients in the game with different personalities.
  • There are about 7 mini games, as well as 98 different prizes waiting for you
  • 80 in-game achievements to earn
  • 2 characters(Chuck and Mundy) and the ability to customize your own
  • Chic restaurant atmosphere
  • Use the mouse.