Papa Louie Night Hunt 2

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Papa Louie Night Hunt 2
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Papa Louie Night Hunt 2

Papa Louie Night Hunt 2 is a platform game where you control Papa Louie, a chef who loves to cook and collect gold coins. The game developers have prepared 15 interesting missions for you in the second part of this game. More evil and dangerous food will attack you in the game world:). In each mission, you will have 3 lives to complete the task. In this game, you have to help Papa Louie explore a mysterious pizzeria where the vegetables have come to life and turned into monsters. You can see high mountains in the background, and somewhere there is a pizzeria where we deliver pizza.

How to play?

You have to avoid or defeat the enemies using your beater and pepper bombs, while collecting coins and bonuses along the way. You will face many obstacles, such as crates, monsters, and highlands. Papa Louie will be accompanied by cheerful music and sound effects during each mission. The game has different levels with increasing difficulty and challenges. You can also unlock new outfits and weapons for Papa Louie as you progress.

  • Arrows - use
  • X - pepper bomb
  • Z - enemy strike