Papa Louie Mountain Adventure

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Papa Louie Mountain Adventure
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Papa Louie Mountain Adventure

Papa Louie Mountain Adventure is a platform game where you help Papa Louie, a famous chef and owner of various restaurants(Donuteria, Cluckeria, Cupcakeria), to collect gold coins and avoid angry vegetables on his way to the finish. The game has different levels of difficulty and challenges, such as moving platforms, hidden keys, and boss fights. The game has very simple 2d graphics, but fans of the beloved Italian chef will definitely enjoy the gameplay.

How to play?

Papa Louie loves to climb ropes - sometimes it’s the only way to move forward on your journey through a level. You can use the arrow keys to move, the Z key to hit enemies, and the X key to throw bombs. Use pepper bombs or fist bumps to destroy the evil vegetables. To avoid falling off the cliff, the game provides wooden ladders - use them wisely. When you encounter iron spikes, you need to jump over them to survive.  Each level gets harder and harder to complete. At the end of each mission, a one-story house will be waiting for you. The game is part of the Papa Louie franchise, which includes other games such as Papa’s Pizzeria, Papa’s Freezeria, and Papa’s Mocharia et al.

  • Arrows - moves
  • Z - beat the enemy
  • X - throw a pepper bomb