Papa Louie 5

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Papa Louie 5
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Papa Louie 5

The fifth part of the famous adventures of Papa Louie has become even more interesting thanks to the thrilling plot that awaits you.

Papa Louie 5 is a platformer online game where you have to rescue your customers from the evil antagonist and his army of monsters. To destroy an enemy, you can simply jump on them from above and land on their head. Alternatively, you can hit them with the objects on the tables that Papa Louie has. You can play as different characters, who have to use their weapons and skill to fight their way through various levels of horrible township.

The game has many levels, and each one is more difficult than the previous one. On the screen, you will see how many lives your hero has left. Be careful, because danger awaits you at any moment. Along the way, you can unlock other charakters with different skills and weapons. You can also collect coins, stickers, and badges. The food that came to life will attack you from all sides, so treat them as serious enemies.

  • Arrows - Walk
  • Space - Jump
  • Z - 1 attack
  • X - 2 attack