Mr. TomatoS

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Mr. TomatoS
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Mr. TomatoS

It is better to let Mr. Tomato, a virtual character, taste food instead of people.)

Mr. TomatoS is a video online game released in 2021, created by OXTORD Games. It is inspired by an online game called Hungry Pumkin. The game features a giant floating tomato with a face, who asks the player to feed him various foods from a table. In this game, you can feed Mr. Tomato with different kinds of food, such as hamburger, hot dog, water, cucumber, other vegetables, and fries. But these are not the only options you have. He gets angry if you feed him wrong. However, the game is not as innocent as it seems, as Mr. TomatoS has a dark secret and a hidden agenda. Depending on the player’s actions, Mr. TomatoS can reveal his true nature as a demonic entity who wants to consume the player’s soul, escape the game, and wreak havoc on the internet.

The graphics of the game are very simple, almost deliberately crude. This is a creative choice by the developers to emphasize the humorous tone of the game. He can turn into a monster and attack you. You can fight him with poison or stab him with a knife. You will have a lot of fun playing this game and earning money to buy more tasty, or sometimes disgusting and unhealthy, food for Mr. Tomatos.

  • Mouse - use