Papa’s Paleteria

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Papa’s Paleteria
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Papa’s Paleteria

Papa’s Paleteria is a seventeenth online game where you can run your own frozen treat shop and make delicious paletas. Paletas are Mexican ice pops that can be made with fresh fruits, creamy ingredients, and various toppings. Two famous characters, Quinn and Jojo, are going to sell paletas. You can customize your character, unlock new ingredients, and serve customers in different locations. The game is developed by Flipline Studios like the others in this series. 

How to play Papa's Paleteria?

The game has a very relaxing atmosphere, you can see people relaxing everywhere. In this game, you will travel to San Fresco Wharf, a bustling seaside town where paletas are very popular. Paletas can make them with fresh natural fruits, such as strawberry, cherries, bananasand and mango, or with rich creamy ingredients, such as chocolate, nuts, raisins and pistachio. You can also add various toppings, such as syrups, sprinkles, and nuts, to make them even more delicious.

Peculiarities of paletas trade

As the owner or a regular employee of Papa’s Paleteria, you will have to take orders from customers, mix the ingredients, freeze the paletas, and add the toppings. You will earn tips and stars based on your performance, which you can use to buy new items and upgrades for your shop. The better you meet a customer’s request, the bigger tip they will give you. Some customers are picky and their orders are unusual... You can also customize your character’s appearance, clothing, and accessories, and unlock new outfits and hairstyles as you progress.

Can you still play free Papa’s Paleteria without Flash Player(Adobe Flash Player)?

Yes, at you can play Papa’s Paleteria in your web browser Edge, Chrome, Safari and so on without Flash Player.

Who created Papa’s Paleteria?

Papa’s Paleteria was created by Flipline Studios on March 7th, 2024, and was later emulated in HTML5 by AwayFL.

  • Use to mouse