Papa's Rice Cakeria

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Papa's Rice Cakeria
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Papa's Rice Cakeria

In this game from Papa Louie, you will prepare some of the most exotic Asian dishes.

Papa’s Rice Cakeria is a fan-made game based on the popular Papa’s series of restaurant management games. In this game, you have to run a ghost kitchen that serves rice cakes, a traditional Asian dessert made from steamed rice and various toppings.

How to play Papa’s Rice Cakeria Express

You can customize your rice cakes with different shapes, flavors, sauces, fruits, nuts, and more. The better the service, the more tips we can earn from our customers. You also have to deal with customers’ orders, tickets, and tips, as well as upgrade your equipment and decorate your motel room. We cook as fast as possible, because this is a fast-food place. People do not like to wait long, because they are usually very hungry.

  • Mouse - use