Papa’s Canibalia

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Papa’s Canibalia
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Papa’s Canibalia

Papa’s Canibalia is a online fan-made horror parody of the popular Papa Louie games, created by YouTube user Awful cartoons for Awful kids. The premise of the parody is that Papa Louie has gone insane and started to serve human flesh in his restaurants, turning his loyal customers into cannibals. Such a plot is impossible in real life, so you can play it virtually, sitting at the computer or on the phone screens. 

How to play Papa’s Canibalia

Take orders from customers and cook dishes with the ingredients you have in your kitchen. You will earn tips based on the quality of your service.Every ingredient that you add to the food is made of human flesh, such as separate arms, legs, eyes, skin and much more. You have to admit, the tastes are terrible in this restaurant. We repeat once again, that if you have a weak psyche, it is better not to play this game. It is important to understand that this is a humorous game.

  • Mouse - use