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You are playing Toastelia, a game that is very similar to the games from the Papa Louie series. In this game, you play as a new employee at Toastelia, a sandwich shop that serves delicious toasties to hungry customers. Officially, this game is not part of the Papa Louie series, but it has the same basic principle. You have to take orders, prepare ingredients, grill the bread, and serve the toasties as fast and accurately as possible. You have to make toast with different toppings, such as ketchup, sauces, herbs, shallot, bacon, sausage, cheese and many other ingredients. Make sure the toast doesn’t burn, while toasting, because if it does, customers will be very dissatisfied and won’t come to your shop again.

You can also customize your character, unlock new stickers, and earn tips. These are very delicious snacks, and people love them very much. You can see how much people love toast by the large number of customers who come to your shop.

  • Mouse - use