Papa’s Potateria

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Papa’s Potateria
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Papa’s Potateria

It turns out, that in addition to the official papa's games, there are also fan-made games of these games.

Papa’s Potateria is a online fan-made game based on the popular Papa’s series by Flipline Studios. In this game, you play as a worker at the Sugarplex Theater, where you serve fries and wings to hungry moviegoers. You will have the chance to play as two chefs, Kenton and Simone. Kenton is not only a chef, but also a producer. Simone is a chef and a sound engineer.

You can customize your character, unlock new toppings and sauces, and enjoy the story through cutscenes and mini-games. You will work in a movie theater, where hungry and sometimes picky customers will come. Listen to each customer’s order, go to the kitchen, and fulfill all the requests with precision.

  • Mouse - use