Papa's Smootheria

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Papa's Smootheria
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Papa's Smootheria

Papa’s Smootheria is a fan-mode game in the Papa’s Games series, where you would run a smoothie shop on a tropical island. In this game, you will meet two new employees at a cocktail restaurant: Moe and Liezel. You can also customize your own character in the menu before starting the game. The story begins with them being curious about a new cocktail place opened by the famous chef Papa Louis.

How to play Papa’s Smootheria

You would have to take orders from customers, blend fruits and ice, and add toppings to create delicious smoothies. You would also have to manage your time and money, and customize your shop and outfits. Try to serve each customer perfectly to earn more tips. Papa’s Smootheria would be similar to Papa’s Freezeria, but with more ingredients and options. Please be aware that your establishment may occasionally encounter some very dissatisfied customers who are unhappy with their lives and are very critical of the quality of your service.

  • Mouse - use