Papa's Milkshake

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Papa's Milkshake
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Papa's Milkshake

Papa’s Milkshake, a delightful treat from Papa’s Freezeria, is a customizable frozen dessert that lets you beat the summer heat with style! Imagine a creamy, frosty base blended to perfection, with a variety of syrups and candies mixed in. Earn tips to invest in enhancing your ice cream shop. Strive to fulfill each customer’s order with precision. As you play the game, you unlock dozens of toppings to create your ideal milkshake.

How to play Papa Louie Milkshakeria

The game features over 50 unique customers, each with their own preferences, challenging you to craft the perfect sundae cup. Strive to fulfill each customer’s order with precision. Earn in-game achievements and decorate your lobby with over 100 items to purchase, transforming your shop into a tropical paradise or a cozy cafe. With a wide variety of desserts available, it’s crucial to delight every patron so they’ll want to visit your establishment again.

  • Mouse - use