Papa’s Ice Creameria

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Papa’s Ice Creameria
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Papa’s Ice Creameria

Do you like cold ice cream? Do you want to serve it to people on the waterfront? Then this game is perfect for you.

Papa’s Ice Creameria is a fun cook online game where you run your own ice cream shop on a tropical island. We could say that this is a variation of the popular game Papa’s Freezeria. To start playing, you need to choose a character: Alberto or Panny.

How to play Papa’s Ice Creameria

They are both excellent chefs, so pick the one you like. You have to take orders from customers, prepare their frozen treats, and serve them with a smile. You have to prepare the dishes as quickly and accurately as possible. The customers will reward you with good tips, and your restaurant’s reputation will increase. You can customize your shop with different furniture, posters, and outfits. You can also unlock new ingredients, toppings, and syrups as you progress. The game has four stations: order, build, mix, and top. You have to follow the customer’s preferences at each station and make sure they are satisfied with their order.

  • Mouse - use