Papa's Paleteria Ticket Maker

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Papa's Paleteria Ticket Maker
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Papa's Paleteria Ticket Maker

The ticket maker in Papa’s Paleteria is a feature that allows players to create and customize order tickets for the in-game customers. Paletas are a popular sweet treat in Mexico, quite similar to ice cream in both taste and texture. You can create delicious treats online that a variety of customers at this cafe will order. These tickets are essential as they guide players on how to prepare the perfect paleta according to each customer’s preferences.

On the screen, you’ll find numerous buttons at the bottom that allow you to customize the toppings and look of each paleta. At the top of the screen, you can view the tickets that display the details of the orders. The ticket typically includes two main sections: the mold and the fillings. The mold section indicates the shape of the paleta that the customer desires, while the fillings section lists the specific ingredients to be included, layered from bottom to top.

  • Mouse - use