Papa Louie Customers

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Papa Louie Customers
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Papa Louie Customers

Welcome to the simple yet engaging game of Papa Louie Customers! On your screen, you’ll find 120 diverse customers from all the eateries owned by Papa Louie. To get started and unlock every customer be they friendly or grumpy, easygoing or demanding simply click the ‘full screen’ button located at the bottom right of the screen. The customer list is extensive, so a sharp memory will serve you well. Recall which customers frequent specific restaurants, such as the Pizzeria, Freezeria, Scooperia, Sushiria, Paleteria, and many more.

How to Play Papa's Customers

With a click and drag of your mouse, move each customer to their correct position. Your goal is to align all customers associated with each restaurant either horizontally or vertically. It’s a challenging task, but mastering it proves your dedication as a true Papa Louie aficionado. In this game, there’s no need to fulfill orders just focus on organizing the customers in lines.

  • Mouse - use