Papa's Pancakeria

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Papa's Pancakeria
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Papa's Pancakeria

The best pancakes you can find in Papa's Pancakeria! Your job is very variate... Taking an orders of the customers, baking a pancakes and smudge and fill them with sauce. Papa’s Pancakeria online is the fifth game in the Papa Louie restaurant time-management game series. The game takes place in Maple Mountain, with the workers being Papa’s Next Chefs 2011 winners Cooper and Prudence. These are regular guys who just want to have a job. They are willing to do anything, even if it doesn't pay much. You play as a chef or novice chefs(Cooper and Prudence) and cook pancakes, waffles, and french toast with various toppings(jam, nuts, honey, berries, caviar) for your customers. The game features a variety of syrups, powders, fruits, nuts, whipped cream, and other ingredients for each holiday of the year.

Every customer who comes to the pancake house is different. Be courteous in your service and also try to listen attentively to all the wishes of your customers. Use the Grill Station to cook pancakes, waffles, and french toast to perfection. On the Build Station, you’ll stack pancakes and add toppings such as butter, syrup, fruit, nuts, whipped cream, and more to create a delicious breakfast that looks as great as it tastes! Customers will order a custom-made drink along with their breakfast. The cafeteria where the main action takes place is filled with a joyful and festive atmosphere. Cooking games are always more appealing to girls, but guys also love to play the papa louis series of games.

Can you still play free Papa's Pancakeria without Flash Player(Adobe Flash Player)?

Yes, at you can play Papa's Pancakeria in your web browser Edge, Chrome, Safari and so on without Flash Player.

Who created Papa's Pancakeria?

Papa's Pancakeria was created by Flipline Studios on August 7, 2013, and was later emulated in HTML5 by Ruffle. Pancakes are adored by children and adults with different fillings.

Game Features:

  • More pancake toppings
  • New characters as chefs
  • HD graphics of all animations
  • Use the mouse