Papa's Gameria

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Papa's Gameria
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Papa's Gameria

The Papa’s Games series consists of various cooking games, also known as gamerias. They began as spin-offs from the original Papa Louie game, Papa Louie 1: When Pizzas Attack, which was a platformer game.

Papa's Gameria is a online game series where you cook and serve food in Papa Louie's restaurants. You can choose your character and customize their look. Each game has a different type of food, such as pizza, burgers, tacos, sushi, and more. You have to take orders from customers, prepare the food, and serve it to them. You can earn tips, buy upgrades, and play mini-games. Papa's Gameria is a fun and addictive game that tests your cooking and customer service skills.

Papa’s Freezeria is one of the most popular games in the papas games series. You have to make delicious frozen treats, drinks, and desserts for your customers. Each customer has a different order, and you have to satisfy them as best as you can. There are many characters to make the game more fun and diverse.

How many games are there?

As of 2024, there are 17 games in the series. You can see the full list on the left side of the website.

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