Papa Louie 6

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Papa Louie 6
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Papa Louie 6

Welcome to the thrilling world of Papa Louie 6! In this latest installment of the beloved time-management series, players are transported to the bustling Tastyville, where Papa Louie has just opened his newest restaurant, Papa’s Grillstation.

In the beginning, Papa Louie will take on the role of a courier himself. Your task is to assist in delivering food to hard-to-reach areas within the city and beyond. Monsters and natural obstacles will attempt to block your path. As you journey, it’s crucial to collect coins dispersed across the region. Remember, all mission indicators and statistics will be displayed on the screen. Occasionally, you’ll need to fend off enemies using pepper bombs and a spatula. Each mission provides you with five lives, represented by hearts.

The game features numerous missions, each progressively more challenging than the last. In future mission, players will have the option to hire couriers, eliminating the need for direct involvement from Pope Louie in these tasks.

  • Walk - Arrows
  • Jump - Space
  • Glide - Hold down the space bar
  • Punch - Z
  • Pepper bomb - X
  • Squat - Hold down Z and walk