Papa's Yogurteria

Ratings: 2 (average 3 from 5)
Papa's Yogurteria
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Papa's Yogurteria

Papa’s Yogurteria is a fun and engaging game where players manage a yogurt shop. Meet the main characters of your new frozen yogurt venture: Robby and Tohru. As the owner, you’re tasked with greeting customers, taking orders, and preparing frozen yogurt treats to their specifications. You’ll offer a variety of frozen yogurts mixed with delicious fruits like peaches, apples, kiwis, bananas, and currants.

How to play Papa’s Yogurteria

As your business grows, you’ll unlock new and exotic fruits and berries to delight your customers. Success in the game is measured by your ability to earn a 5-star rating for each customer served. The gameplay involves unlocking new ingredients and toppings as you progress, allowing for an expanding menu and more complex orders. The town hosting the main events of Papa’s Yogurteria resembles a tourist destination, which naturally attracts a diverse clientele with various personalities and backgrounds.

  • Mouse - use