Papas Cupcakes Cooking

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Papas Cupcakes Cooking
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Papas Cupcakes Cooking

This game is as well-made as all the games in the legendary Papas Games series. Papas Cupcakes Cooking is a interesing and addictive game where you can create delicious cupcakes for your customers.The difference is that you have to do your own grocery shopping in the store before cooking. You will learn how to bake, decorate, and serve cupcakes in a realistic way. You can choose from different flavors, frostings, toppings, and wrappers to make your cupcakes unique and tasty. You can sell all the sweets that you make in your restaurant.

How to play?

The first step is to prepare the dough. You need to get a carton of milk and some flour, which are on the top shelf in the cupboard. Follow the instructions on how to make the cupcake, because the game will guide you step by step. Your customers love your restaurant, because you have an excellent reputation. You should not ruin it, so keep improving your cooking skills.

  • Mouse - use