Papa's Pizzeria Ticket Maker

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Papa's Pizzeria Ticket Maker
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Papa's Pizzeria Ticket Maker

The ticket maker in Papa’s Pizzeria is a online game that allows players to view and manage customer orders. Each order ticket displays the customer’s desired pizza toppings, their placement on the pizza, and specific baking instructions. The game is creative because it allows you to craft various types of pizza, each boasting a unique and sometimes exclusive flavor. The top section of the ticket shows up to 12 different toppings that can be arranged on a quarter, half, three-quarters, or the entire pizza.

How to play Papa's Pizzeria To Go Ticket Maker

You have the freedom to customize many aspects, including the toppings, crust type, and baking duration. The bottom section indicates the baking time and how the pizza should be sliced, with options for four, six, eight, or nine slices. The ticket maker is essential for keeping track of orders and ensuring each pizza is made to the customer’s specifications, enhancing the game’s time-management challenges. Additionally, there’s a ‘random’ button that, when clicked, lets the game automatically select a combination of settings for your pizza. Once everything is set, simply hit the ‘complete’ button to finish.

  • Mouse - use