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Welcome to the fantastic world of battles, where only brave fighters with quality weapons can win!

Jacksmith is an old online flash game where you play as a blacksmith who makes weapons for warriors. This game, loved by millions, was released in 2012. But after some time, it became impossible to play it because flash player stopped working in popular browsers. Thanks to the emulator Ruffle, you can play your favorite game again online and without downloading it to your computer. You have to choose the materials, shape, and design of each weapon(sword, blade, bow and arrow, crossbow), and then test them in battles against monsters. You can also collect loot and buy upgrades for your weapons. The game has a fantasy theme and a colorful art style.

How to play Jacksmith?

To start the game, you need to first enter your nickname. Then choose one of the 3 slots to save your progress. The game consists of two main phases: crafting and fighting. In the crafting phase, you need to follow the orders of the local soldiers and make the weapons they need. You can choose from different types of ores, other metals, molds, blades, handles, and accessories. The better you fulfill the orders for making weapons for the fighters, the more satisfied they will be. Using quality weapons on the battlefield will be very effective. If the work is done poorly, the fighters can be defeated in battle.

Fight to the death

In the fighting phase, you join the soldiers on the battlefield and face various enemies. You can use your cannon to shoot at the enemies and help the soldiers. He who is not afraid to die and looks the enemy in the eye, wins! You can also collect the loot that drops from the enemies, such as gems, metals, and rare items. You can use the gems to buy upgrades and items from Ganders, the ostrich shopkeeper. You can use the metals and items to craft better weapons. The game is similar to Papa Louie, but instead of ordering food, you are ordering weapons.

Can you still play Jacksmith without Flash Player(Adobe Flash Player)?

Yes, at papas-games.com you can play free Jacksmith in your web browser Edge, Chrome, Safari and so on without Flash Player.

Who created Jacksmith?

Jacksmith was created by Flipline Studios on September 27, 2012. and was later emulated in HTML5 by Ruffle.

  • Mouse - to use