Papa Louie Puzzle

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Papa Louie Puzzle
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Papa Louie Puzzle

Papa Louie Puzzle is a fun and challenging game that tests your logic and problem-solving skills. Today, Papa Louis had a lot of regular customers. All the most popular customers came to his restaurant. You have to find out who they are by solving a small puzzle that has 15 pieces. Your task is to quickly put together the picture from all the pieces. You can’t wait to find out who came to Papa Louie’s party either, so let’s put the puzzle together as quickly as we can! :)

How to play Papa Louie puzzle?

To move a puzzle piece, you have to click on it with the mouse and then drag it to the right place on the screen. Use your logic to figure out where each piece belongs. Papa Louie Puzzle is based on the popular Papa Louie’s restaurant time-management games, where you can run different kinds of eateries and serve delicious food to your customers. The faster you solve the puzzle, the better your score will be.

  • Mouse - use