Papa's Burgeria

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Papa's Burgeria
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Papa's Burgeria

Papa’s Burgeria is a game where you have to run a small but cozy a burger shop and serve your hungry and finicky customers. Pick or create your player and be an employee in Papas Burgeria. Take an orders, grill the meat for burgers and stack ordered burgers or toppings. You can play as Marty, Rita, or Papa Louie, and cook, stack, and deliver the burgers according to the orders. You can also buy upgrades for your shop and earn badges for your performance. The burger place is right off the road. This is very convenient for drivers, because you can get out of the car and go for a tasty meal. You will have grill the meat, add toppings and sauces, and serve the burgers to the customers. The faster and better you do your work, the more tips(Dollar or Euro) you will earn. Among young people around the world, Hamburger are very popular nowadays. It is a very convenient food because you can make it very quickly and enjoy the flavor. This food originated in the U.S.

The game is divided into three stations: order, grill, and build:

  1. At the order station, you have to take the orders of the customers and write them down on tickets. You have to be quick, because the burgers will keep cooking while you are taking orders.
  2. At the grill station, you have to put the patties on the grill and flip them when they are halfway done. You have to pay attention to how the customers want their burgers cooked: rare, medium, or well-done.
  3. At the build station, you have to assemble the burgers with the toppings that the customers want. You have to follow the order of the ingredients on the tickets and center them on the burger. You also have to be careful not to make mistakes or spill anything.

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Can you still play Papa's Burgeria without Flash Player(Adobe Flash Player)?

Yes, at you can play Papa’s Burgeria in your web browser Opera, Chrome, Safari and so on without Flash Player.

Who created Papa's Burgeria?

Papa's Burgeria was created by Flipline Studios on December 6, 2010, and was later emulated in HTML5 by WaFlash. The burger is a traditional American dish that has become so popular all over the world.

Game Features:

  • Types of burgers: Classic Burger, Cheeseburger, Black Burger, Chickenburger and Fishburger
  • HD animation graphics
  • Real diner atmosphere
  • 3 burger workers
  • More clients with complex character.
  • Use the mouse to play