FNF Papa's Funkeria

Ratings: 6 (average 4.3 from 5)
FNF Papa's Funkeria
Played: 1890
FNF Papa's Funkeria

FNF Papa’s Funkeria is a fun and exciting mod for the popular game Friday Night Funkin, where you can rap battle with characters from the Papa Louie universe. Warm up your fingers, because you will have to sing new songs controlling the rapper on the stage. You play as Boyfriend, who visited one of Papa’s restaurants(Definitely a pizzeria) and decided to show his skills in music. You have to play two songs: Help-Wanted and Prestissimo, which have different levels of difficulty and tempo. Can you beat your opponents and prove that you are the best rapper in Papa’s universe? Boyfriend is very skilled at singing different songs, so it will be hard to defeat him. Try it yourself and enjoy this mod!

How to play?

To defeat the enemy, you need to press the arrow keys on your keyboard in sync and with accuracy. They will drop from the top of the screen, and you need to match them with the corresponding ones on your keyboard. There are two modes available for you: free and story mode.

  • Arrows - sing songs