Kate's Cooking Party

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Kate's Cooking Party
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Kate's Cooking Party

Kate’s Cooking Party is an engaging restaurant management game where you take on the role of a server with the goal of keeping customers happy and earning money for the restaurant. The restaurant’s owner is Kate, which you might deduce from the game’s name. The gameplay involves interacting with customers: you drag them from the waiting line to their tables, take their orders, and deliver their food in a timely manner.

How to play Kate’s Cooking Party

Strive to serve each customer with the highest quality of care, as the establishment’s reputation and your potential earnings directly depend on this. As you progress, you’ll unlock new dishes, stations, coworkers, and more. The game is designed to test your time management and customer service skills, as any delays can lead to unhappy customers and reduced tips. The dishes on the tables should be both nourishing and aesthetically pleasing to convey your dedication to guest satisfaction.

  • Mouse - use