Merge Cakes

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Merge Cakes
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Merge Cakes

Another cooking game where sweet tooth can enjoy delicious cakes.

Merge Cakes is a fun and addictive online game where you can combine different cakes to create new and delicious recipes. You can drag and drop cakes on the board to merge them into a higher level cake. To drag and drop one cake onto another, you just need a simple mouse movement. The game will give you instructions on how to play so you don’t get confused. Each cake on the game board will be hidden under a lid at first, so you won’t know what it looks like until you open it.

How to play Merge Cakes

The game board will expand as you progress in the game. The more cakes you merge, the more points you earn. Try to complete each mission as fast as possible, and you will earn more game coins. On the screen, you will see a lot of helpful statistics that will guide you through the game. You can also unlock new cakes, gifts, and bakeries as you play. Can you discover all the cake recipes and become the ultimate baker?

  • Mouse - use