Yummy Cupcake

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Yummy Cupcake
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Yummy Cupcake

Yummy Cupcake is a delightful simulation game where you can unleash your inner pastry chef and manage a charming cafe. Released in December 2021 by Go Panda Games.

As the owner of a cafe, your mission is to create the most delicious cupcakes for your customers. The game begins with you cleaning up your cafe and getting it ready for business. During the cleaning process, remember to segregate waste into designated bins for different types of trash. Once the space is tidy, you dive into the baking process. You’ll select the right paper cups and mix the dough, then bake it to perfection. The real fun begins when it’s time to decorate each cupcake with an array of toppings, frostings, and other delightful embellishments. Maintain consistent action, step by step, and you will surely create the ideal cafe for your patrons. You must complete a sequence of 8 steps, starting from cleaning the cafe to the point of baking and serving cupcakes on the table.

Your goal is to satisfy your customers with your tasty creations. With each sale, you’ll earn points that you can use to upgrade your cafe and baking tools, making your cupcake business thrive.

  • Mouse - use