Burger Bounty

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Burger Bounty
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Burger Bounty

To make a good income from your burger shop, you need to improve it!

Burger Bounty is a simulation game where you play as the owner and chef of a burger restaurant. You run a burger shop with a dining hall and a kitchen. You start with a small eatery and gradually expand it by adding more tables, foods, and staff. At the beginning, you have no tables in the dining hall. You also have to serve customers, deliver orders, and clean tables using a hoverboard. The kitchen produces trash that needs to be disposed of regularly, or else it will become unsanitary.

How to play Burger Bounty

You can customize your character and your restaurant to make it your own. Sometimes you will find money lying around in your shop. You need to collect it quickly before it disappears. Your goal is to earn money and buy as many tables as you can. The game challenges your time management and business skills, as you have to satisfy different types of customers and cuisines.

  • Arrow keys - control the chef