Papa's Hot Doggeria

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Papa's Hot Doggeria
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Papa's Hot Doggeria

Papa's Hot Doggeria is a game where you can make and serve hot dogs to customers who have come to a baseball game. You can play game online on your browser, or on your Android or iOS devices. Papas hot doggeria is placed next to the stadium. That means you need to be quick because customers want to watch the game and not waiting much longer for eating the hot dog. You can choose to play as Taylor, Peggy, or proprietor - Papa Louie, who are the workers of the hot dog shop. You have to take orders from customers, grill the sausage, add toppings and sauces (spicy and sweet), and serve the hot dogs to the customers. It's a very interesting game today, so the stadium is packed to the gills. Your profits can be very high if you fulfill the orders of the team's fans quickly and efficiently. You have to be fast and accurate, because customers will rate your service and tip you accordingly. It is important to cook very tasty in order to keep customers coming back to your counter when there is the next sporting event.

You can use the tips to buy upgrades for your shop, such as new furniture, new delicious hot dog recipes, posters, tools, and clothes. You can also unlock new badges and medals for your achievements, such as serving a certain number of customers, making perfect hot dogs, or earning a lot of money. It is important to realize that the character of each client is different, so it is important that you have a personalized approach to each one.

Types of customers:

  1. There are some customers who come often and order the same thing every time. They are very profitable for me:)
  2. Some of my customers are new to the place and want to try different things. They don’t know how to choose a good hot dog:(
  3. Some customers are closers who are very picky and hard to please
  4. Special guests like Jojo the food critic. When he's in the joint, you're gonna have to do your best.

Can you still play Papa's Hot Doggeria without Flash Player(Adobe Flash Player)?

Yes, at you can play Papa's Hot Doggeria in your web browser Edge, Chrome, Safari, and so on without Flash Player. Platform: Tablet, PC, Mobile

Who created Papa's Hot Doggeria?

Papa's Hot Doggeria was created by Flipline Studios on November 19, 2012., and was later emulated flash to html5 by Waflash. One of the most delicious series of Papa Louie games, because people love fast food.

Game Features:

  • More fastidious customers
  • Many varieties of sauces and sausages
  • New kitchen for the sales counter
  • Mystery shoppers (food critics)
  • More colorful, animated HD scenes.
  • Use the mouse.