Papa Louie Coloring

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Papa Louie Coloring
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Papa Louie Coloring

Papa Louie is a fictional character created by Flipline Studios, a game developer company. He is a world-famous chef who owns various restaurants, food stands, coffe shop and has many loyal customers. Papa Louis is from Italy. He is known for his bald head, big black mustache, and white chef hat. Papa Louie hired a large number of young inexperienced employees(Marty, Rita, Rudy or Scarlett) to work in his establishments and they are doing a great job despite the challenges. He usually wears a white shirt, a red neckerchief, a red apron and blue pants. Use the tools on the left side of the screen to color your pictures! Paints, brushes, stickers and more are at your disposal. See your masterpiece on the right side of the screen!

Features Papa Louie Coloring

Earn more crystals by coloring the pictures beautifully! If you want to color Papa Louie, you can use different tools and colors to make him look more lively and fun. Don't overdo the color palette:) The game has two different modes: coloring and drawing. You can also choose different outfits for him, such as a blue suit, a parka, or a black shirt with flame patterns. You can also draw your own Papa Louie characters and color them as you like. The developers have created 15 black-and-white pictures that you will need to transform with color. Coloring Papa Louie can be a creative and enjoyable activity for anyone who likes his games. 

  • Mouse - use