Bartender The Celebs Mix

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Bartender The Celebs Mix
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Bartender The Celebs Mix

Another part of the famous game where you mix alcoholic drinks in the bar and watch the reaction of people who drink them.

Bartender The Celebs Mix is a very fun and challenging online game where you play as a bartender in a five-star hotel bar. On the bar, you can see a lot of bottles with different kinds of alcoholic drinks. If you pay attention, you can spot gin, vodka, vermouth and many other types of premium alcohol. Different celebrities will come to you alternately, and you will need to listen to them carefully when they order. After tasting the drink, it is important to watch the drinker’s reaction closely. It is important that this reaction is positive.

How to play Bartender The Celebs Mix

Your goal is to make the best cocktails for your customers, who are famous celebrities with different tastes and preferences. You know that celebrities won’t drink cheap alcohol because they have a lot of money. It is also important for every celebrity to maintain their image, and buying expensive alcohol will highlight their status. You have to mix and match different drinks and ingredients, and see how they react to your creations. On the bar, you can also change the fruit: kiwi, lemons, pineapples and, of course, ice to cool the drinks. At the bottom of the screen, there are three functions that you can use to make your cocktail: pour, shake, serve.  Will you impress them with your skills, or will you ruin your career with a bad mix? You can also unlock new drinks and outfits as you progress in the game.

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