Zombotron 4

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Zombotron 4
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Zombotron 4

Zombotron 4 online is the latest addition to the Zombotron game series, known for its thrilling action and engaging gameplay. In this installment, players dive into a world overrun by zombies and other nefarious creatures. As you traverse the zombie-infested planet, you must complete the tasks assigned to you. Locate and collect weapons hidden in secret spots, and gather medical kits in isolated areas to restore your health when needed. The game unfolds on an unknown planet, long abandoned and forgotten by humanity, now teeming with undead enemies and evil robots.

How to play Zombotron 4

As a player, you’re tasked with fighting through hordes of zombies, utilizing an impressive arsenal of weapons and armor to survive in the chaotic world of Zombotron. Conserve your ammunition, as it tends to deplete quickly. Your screen will display vital statistics such as ammo count, health levels, and more. The enemies are not just after you; they also harbor animosity towards each other, adding a layer of strategy to the combat as you navigate through explosive encounters.

  • Arrows - move
  • Mouse - aim and shoot
  • R - weapon reload
  • Q - change weapons
  • H - first aid kit
  • E- take item, use
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