Steak and Jake

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Steak and Jake
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Steak and Jake

If you like fun games, you will love the adventures of a cow and a bird who are always interacting with each other and solving problems along the way.

Steak and Jake is a puzzle-strategy online game developed by Flipline Studios. The game stopped working recently because web browsers no longer support flash player (swf) after 2021. Thanks to the program Ruffle, you can play this great game again without flash player. The game adventures of Steak, a clumsy cow, and Jake, a color-changing bird, as they deliver fresh milk across various terrains.

The game combines match-3 and platform elements, as the player has to click on colored tokens to change Jake’s color, and then use Jake to interact with objects and enemies of the same color along the way. Multi-colored balls appear at the bottom of the screen and you have to pop them to earn points. The game also features a boost button that can give Steak a speed boost if Jake has the right color. The game has 50 levels, each with different challenges and obstacles. The game also has a Milk Race mode, where the player can compete with other players online for the fastest time. The pleasant music will boost your mood a lot.

  • Mouse - use
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