Dreadhead Parkour

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Dreadhead Parkour
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Dreadhead Parkour

This is one of the best online parkour games developed by GameTornado.

Dreadhead Parkour is a parkour game where you play as the flashy Dreadhead and get to slide, backflip, frontflip and move around each level to reach the end. Collect all the coins to get new skins and max your score on each level. You can break the crates that block your way by hitting them gently.

There are plenty of bombs, spikes, huge jumps and tons more to hop over or slide under to keep your eyes open and your head up so as not to get hit. You will also encounter obstacles such as spikes and windmills that can destroy you with their blades. Each level will be much harder than the previous one, so you need to practice.

You can control the game by pressing only four buttons: up, down, left and right. Are you ready to perform insane jumps and perilous somersaults? Strap on your virtual sneakers, embrace the freerunning spirit, and conquer the urban jungle in this challenging and immersive game.

  • Run right - D
  • Run left - A
  • Jump - W
  • Slide - S
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