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Catpad invites you to step into the paws of a feline friend and indulge in classic cat activities. The game’s cat paw control adds an incredible level of realism. At times, you might feel as though you’re actually playing with a real furry cat. However, be cautious - the cat has very sharp claws that can destroy the objects and structures you’ve built.

How to play Catpad online

You can build towering structures out of boxes, challenge your memory with engaging games, and even experience the thrill of high-speed car chases. As you progress, you’ll collect shiny power-up balls that trigger Fever Mode, catapulting your cat into a whirlwind of scoring opportunities for high points and achievements. Each successful round unlocks new decorative items, allowing you to customize your cat’s living space. After completing certain missions, you’ll reach the most enjoyable part of the game: receiving gifts. With over six different games to master, Catpad offers a chance to achieve purrfection alongside your virtual pet.

  • Mouse - use
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